Dates to Know:
Sat, May 12
Family database registration for Fall 2018 for all will open.
Mon, May 21  – Class selection for Fall 2018 for continuing families will open at 9am.
Wed, May 23  – Class selection for returning families will open at 9am.
Fri, May 25 – Class selection for new families will open at 9am.
Tue, Aug 28 – Family open house.
Tue, Sept 4  – Fall classes begin and go for 15 weeks, with a 1 week break Thanksgiving week.

Fall 2018 Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Class Selection Form

Registration Checklist:

Each family needs to complete the family registration and pay registration fees every semester.  Please complete each item in this checklist.

  • Read the Family Handbook
  • Complete the Family Registration form
  • Pay registration fees
  • Do Class Selections on the appropriate day
  • Fill out the Independent Student 16+ form if applicable
  • Join the Facebook Group
  • Class fees (which are separate from registration fees) are due the first day of the semester.

Class Selections:

The Class Selection form will be turned ‘on’ at 9am, May 21 for current members.

Class requests from families who have attended HSOBX in the past and are returning in the fall can be submitted on or after May 28..  

Class requests from new families can be submitted on Jun 4.

Family Handbook:

Do read the Family Handbook.  You are responsible for knowing its contents.

Family Registration:

The Family Registration form is made available about a week before we start taking class requests, to give everyone a chance to get their family’s information in our database, and to pay the registration fees. This must be done before class requests are submitted.

Pay Registration Fees:

The base registration fee, which also includes a supply fee, covers rent and other operating costs. If you need to pay by check, please contact our treasurer to make arrangements. Forms submitted without payment will be deleted.

Independent Student 16+:

Students who are 16 or over may drive themselves or they may be dropped off on Tuesday and Thursdays.  You must have attended HSoBX for at least one semester and have board approval. Independent Student 16+ form

Join the Facebook Group:

Facebook is our primary means of communication. Following registration, we will add you to our Facebook discussion group, so if your profile name does not match the name in our database, please notify our communications officer at

Class Fees:

Class fees can be paid as a one-time payment one the first day of class or in 3 installments throughout the semester, with the first installment due the first day of class.

Check or cash payments can be left in each teacher’s mailbox on the first day of classes.

Class tuition is determined by the instructor.

Some teachers also accept payment via PayPal. See each class’s description for the fee and preferred payment method.

If you are paying cash, please ask the teacher for a receipt.

If you have any questions about registration or payments, feel free to contact the board.